About Our Services

Shiksha Overseas offers unrivalled services to the aspiring students. Our wide range of services encompass all stages, beginning from identifying the right kind of destination, universities till the departure to their dream destination and also provide them with support till the time they graduate. This strife of ours is aimed at making the admission, education and transition process as smooth & hassle free as possible.

Few Highlights of our offered services:

Dedicated Counseling sessions - helping you to smoothen the complicated process of applying and getting to the best of the best universities across the Globe.
Application processing especially for Germany is done only by the most experienced and knowledgeable ones and Shiksha Overseas is one of those few exceptional ones!
Helping you highlight your USP’s to get through to World’s best universities.
Tailor made process involving the students at each step and guiding them for reaching excellence not only in admissions but in their careers as well.

Our Pledge

To Students:
To provide quality counseling regarding the most suitable options for higher education abroad that best fit their skills, credentials and ambitions.
To provide ongoing support of students throughout their courses of study and beyond.

To Our Partner Institutions:
To recruit students with superior academic credentials and to work together to meet their evolving needs and expectations.

1.Career Counseling

Within the backdrop of a fast changing professional and marketing scenario, we guide the students and ensure that they make the right Career choices for themselves, keeping in view their backgrounds and individual profiles ,cultural backgrounds, financial abilities etc

2. Course Selection:

Personal guidance is given, to help students choose courses that match their Career aspirations / Personal goals and also the professional market scenario. All this done with the help of standardized tests which map their abilities, personality types to their career choices and help them draw the right kind of conclusions.

3. University Selection:

Guided assistance is provided, to zero in, on those universities that would best suit the students’ Personal, Academic and Financial Profiles or Constraints.

4. Admission Formalities:

Our teams of professionals highlight the essential areas for a well-presented, error free application. Assistance is given with References and the 'all-important' Statement of Purpose. We assess the student’s English language skills also, and where ever appropriate, recommend a waiver for the IELTS / TOFEL exam, to the concerned universities. Regular follow up with the chosen universities is done in order to ensure a positive and quick response.

5. Trainings & Information on IELTS / TOEFL/ PTE / GMAT / GRE / SAT:

All the required details about the conduction / structure of the tests are given to students. We also provide in-house training and extensive practice sessions to students, to attain higher scores on a self support basis. We have a wide range of practice material online/offline to help the student become more proficient.

6. On the spot admissions / counseling seminars:

Our status across the institutions provides the students with an opportunity to interact with the institutions’ officials one to one here itself and if they desire, get on the spot offer/admission letters during the seminars.

7. Essay Writing:

An important and integral part of the admission process across all high end & US universities and colleges. The student is helped with writing his/her essays to acquire a confirmed admission. To deal with this, we have a team who has been trained by Harvard professionals (they have been trained for this purpose only)

8. Recommendations:

These are evolved on the basis of the student's strengths and reasons why he / she should be granted admission. The Universities’ Admission Tutors consider this in their decision making

9. Financial Recommendations:

Besides working with you to identify scholarship, assistantship and fellowship opportunities both before and after admission, our team also guides you regarding bank loans in order to fund your studies.

10. Visa Formalities:

Assistance with the Visa applications, guidelines for financial statements and help is also given to prepare their files so as to meet the requirements of the High Commission and ensure visa success. Visa counseling given is very much student centric and on a one to one basis.

11. Accommodation / Travel Assistance:

Valuable advice is given to the students on the accommodation types to best suit their needs and budgets. Our travel desk assists students with booking of flights well in advance to allow them to choose suitable departure dates, routes, airlines and prevailing discounts and helps them get best prices.

12. Pre-Departure Briefing and Training

Pre-Departure Briefing and Training for settling into their new host country is given. Part time job opportunities are also outlined, with the kind of allowed working hours and minimum wage attainable, with respect to the country of their visit.

13. Post-Arrival Support

Special staff from Shiksha Overseas is appointed to welcome you upon arrival and help you to travel and complete admission formalities at your chosen college/university. Shiksha Overseas can also assist you with local transport facilities, opening a bank account, sourcing part-time jobs where permitted by law and securing either university or off-campus housing, depending on your needs. (Level of support may vary from one country to another and based on the support package chosen by the student)

14. On-Going Support through path of Study:

Our team is always there to ensure you are assigned a mentor through your academic and pre-employment stages. These mentors understand your needs and aspirations as well as the constraints and flexibility of the local systems. They are committed towards ensuring that you go through a hassle-free and focused education process.

15. Post Graduation Support:

The Career services or placement cells of most universities generally tend to draw a bulk of employers from close by regions. If you wish to work in a different country, or even return home, finding suitable work opportunities can be challenging. Shiksha Overseas’ offices in home or destination countries work with placement consultants to significantly increase your chances of identifying job opportunities in your chosen location or country.