SAT (Standardized Test)

SAT (Standardized Test) is internationally acknowledged test which assess Reading, Writing and Math subjects at basic level. Students give SAT during their high school education and are one of the important factors to get admission in a good university or college, however; the final decision will be considered after evaluating all academic scores.


SAT recognize ability at three sections which are Critical Reading, Math and Writing.

Critical Reading
Reading section has around 67 multiple choice questions and students have 70 minutes in total to complete these questions. This section examines Critical reading, vocabulary and speech, and consists of passage reading, sentence completion.

This section has approximately 54 questions divided into two main parts that are 44 multiple choice questions and 10 questions in grid. The total time provided for test completion is 70 minute and students have to divide this time according to questions in two parts i.e. 25 minutes each for two sections and 20 minutes each for a particular section. Aim of this section is to evaluate arithmetic, algebra I & II and geometry of an individual.

Writing section involves about 49 multiple choice questions and one essay question. The time given in this section is around 60 minutes. 25 minutes each for three sections and 10 minutes for a particular one. This section aims to identify sentence error, civilizing sentences and improving paragraph of a student.

Note: Score assortment is from 200 to 800 for each section.

Test Scores
If we talk about scores then every student is aware about the preferred score of his or her desired university or college. But if we discuss about decent scores then 1650 to 1800 is ample and accepted by many colleges and universities. Range wise if a student achieve 1800 to 2100, and then it’s considered as a very good score and are acceptable by all educational institutions.


Students can register for this test by two ways; one is by email and another is by online process as per your suitable date and time.

Online Process
Students who want to register online have to go to official SAT website and fill all required information with correct spelling by corresponding it with valid and acceptable identification documents. Students are encouraged to provide an acceptable and valid photograph along with registration. Photograph provided by student will become part of their admission letter.Photograph should be latest and as per your academic records so that investigation session could run smoothly.

Mail Registration
Students need some other documents for registration through mail. They require student registration guide for the SAT and preparation of its subject test. One has to download and print the registration form along with proper payment receipts and checklist leaflet, then scan it and sent for registration.

The fee varies accordingly:

SAT with essay for entire testing year is approximately $54.50.
SAT (March – June) costs $43.
SAT Basic registration fee per head is around $ 26.

Additional costs as per additions of tests are:

Language with listening test costs additionally i.e. about $26.
Further SAT Subject tests will cost something like $18.


The validity of this test is of 5 years. Universities and Colleges recommend students to give this test not more than twice.