PTE Academic is completely based on computers. Aim of this test is to assess English language skills of a student who is from countries where English is considered as second language and wish to pursue higher education in an English speaking environment. It evaluates English proficiency dexterity on different levels.PTE Academic is a multi- level test and from last 5 years PTE score has become one of the entry requirements for international students who are from non English speaking country.


PTE has four areas of evaluation:


1. Summarize spoken test: In this section student will hear a recording and they have to write 50-70 words as summary. Total time for this question is around 60-90 seconds.
2. Multiple choices choose multiple answers: Student will listen a recording in which they have to choose multiple answers as per instruction. This question should be complete by students in approximately 40-90 seconds.
3. Highlight correct summary: Student will hear a recording after they have selected the paragraph that best suites as answer. They have to complete this question in about 30-90 seconds.
4. Fill in the blanks: A transcript will come into view along with audio. Student will listen the recording and fill the blank side by side. Total time allowed for this section is nearly 30-60 seconds.
5. Select missing word: Student will hear a recording and have to find out missing words from the text that appear on screen. This section consumes around 20-70 seconds.
6. Multiple choices choose single answer: After listening to the recording student have to choose single answer from the text. They will have around 30-60 seconds to complete this section.
7. Write from dictation: Student will hear a recording and they have to write a summary of whatever they heard. Time allotted for this test is 3-5 seconds for submitting this question.
8. Highlight incorrect word: In this question student will hear a recording; they have to choose the incorrect word that appears on the screen. Around 15 - 50 seconds are provided to submit this question.


1. Multiple choices choose multiple answers: After reading the text, Student has to choose multiple answers for multiple choices. Length of the written text should be around 300 words.
2. Re-order paragraph: Numerous text boxes appear on screen in jumble form, student have to rearrange all in a sequence manner. This question has approximately 150 words.
3. Fill in the blanks: Student have to fill the gaps by dragging the given options on screen in the boxes, after reading the given text. In this question there are around 80 words.
4. Read and write the fill in the blanks: A text will appear on screen and students have to fill the blanks by using drop down list in response of the respective blank. This question consists of nearly 300 words.
5. Multiple choices choose single answer: A text will appear on screen, student has to choose single answer from all given options. Span of words in this question is around 110 words.


PTE writing sections consist of two tasks one is essay writing and the other is summarizing the written text.


In this item you need to carve around 200-300 words. Essay can be an argument topic and can be an issued topic.
You will provide approximately 20 minutes to complete this task. You will also offer some short cuts and helping tools on your screen like Cut, Copy and paste you can take help from these tools and can effectively complete your task in time.

How to use these given tools:
CUT: Highlight the text you want to cut from the written in response of question and left click the mouse and select option cut.
COPY: Highlight the text you want to copy from the written and now you want to remove then left click and copy.
PASTE: Select the text and place the cursor you wish to paste the copied and cut part.

Summarize written text:

In this part of question, student has to write a summary in one sentence only. They are allowed to write not more than 75 words and have to write main points and abstract in response to given text. Around 10 minutes are provided to complete this task. During your writing task you can also see the number of words that you have write so that you will not waste your time in counting the word limit. One can use the same tools that are used in essay writing. These tools are cut, copy and paste. You can use these tools to make your test easy and effective.


This part has around 7 questions which are mention below. The voice for this section will be recorded for judgment purpose.
Before student start this section they have to give their Personal Introduction that include name, place, desired university, course name, interest and reason to go. The whole introduction will take around 40 seconds. So, before going for test student must prepare for this section.
Repeat Sentence: In this question you have to repeat whatever you will hear.
Read Aloud: Student will see a written text; you have to read the same and ask.
Re-tell Lecture: In this question you will hear a lecture and you have to tell again in abstract or whatever you hear. You can get help from a given image on your screen.
Describe Image: In this question you will see an image and describe that particular picture in the following way that you cover all important aspects of the image.
Answer Short Questions: In this question you will hear some questions and you have to answer in one or two sentences.


Student has to register for test according to date and time. Prepare yourself for Standard prize for this English proficiency test as it varies from region to region. In India student have to pay INR 9,350.00.If student make registration after closing then they have to submit late fee i.e. 11,687.50. The online registration fee can be submitted by Debit/Credit cards. You have to report at test center prior 15 minutes of test start.


Register online by creating an account on official site of PTE and pay the registration fee consequently.
You have to check available dates and test center and register accordingly.
Spellings should be according to your identification card and you have to carry same as to your test center.
You must have to confirm your email id and password for future aspects.
You will get your result verification on your PTE email address.
Take out confirmation of booking of test and visit center with your email confirmation and your identification card.


PTE Academic is valid for 2 years; i.e. from the date of test and acceptable by many universities and colleges.


These are those skills on which a student’s abilities are judged.
Oral fluency
Rate of Speech


Your result will be delivered online within 5 business days; you can also check online by login to your mail ID.


You can reappear after 14 days and also forward your score to unlimited institutions.