GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, an identical exam require by numerous business schools and independent educational institutes as it quantify student’s academic capability. The test is completely based on computer and student can make registration any time and day. The exam only can be given once in 31 days and 5 times a year.


GMAT test has four sections in total which are Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal, Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning.

Analytical Writing Assessment
In this section student have one task for essay writing that would be the argument topic. This section states a position of the statement. Students need to determine the sense of the given position and have to write about how the interpretation is wrong and can be enhanced. For a particular task students are given 30 minutes to complete it.

This section consists of three types of questions such as sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension. In this section all questions are of multiple choices and student will be provided approximately 75 minutes to complete 41 questions.

In this section student will be judged by two types of multiple choice questions which are related to problem solving and data sufficiency. The level of math should have clutch of 11th grade and reasoning level will be quite high as compare with math. Students are not allowed to carry calculator in examination hall. Student will be given around 75 minutes to answer 37 questions.

Integrated Reasoning
In this section, score is accounted on a scale of 1-8.The questions consist of analysis of tabular and written information from different sources and graphical facts. All questions in this section are self governing and can have more than one part. Students are not allowed to carry calculator in examination hall as calculator on – screen is available. Students are given around 30 minutes to complete 12 questions.


Talking about good scores and each student who is appearing for test knows about the universally acceptable score of their respected university which are almost above 500. So, students tend to score that much to gain admission in top most University. At times students perform very well and score around 780.


Students have two options to register for GMAT one is by online and another one is by mail. If student is going to register online then he has to complete few formalities. Online registration for the GMAT test can be done at
The cost is $250 and your scores are valid for 5 years. Prior taking the GMAT test, you will be able to pick 5 schools to receive your scores; each additional school you select will require $28 processing fee.