Study In Ireland

Being the land of elves and leprechauns, castles and warriors, poets and balladeers, Ireland is a magical place to be in. A part of the European Union, it is a very dynamic and modern country with one of the fastest growing economies. The total population of Ireland is 4.33 million out of which 40% people fall into the youthful populace (below 25 years of age). It is the world’s friendliest country and also brags the highest quality of life in the world.

Why Study in Ireland?

  • Ireland offers state of the art education systems in Europe
  • Readily available opportunities for work post study. Ireland has a very fast growing economy and a mere 4.4%unemployment rate
  • Over 2,00,000 international students study in Ireland.
  • Ireland accepts students with 15yrs of education
  • International Students can work Part-time (approx. 20 hrs/week) with excellent wages: € 8-9/hr
  • Ireland invests a lot on scientific research and thus emerges as a knowledge society
  • It is the host country to the biggest companies like Google, Facebook and Pfizer
  • Ireland is a very pleasant country to stay in. The climate is temperate. It rarely drops below freezing point and snow is uncommon
  • Modern lively, safe & secure environment in which one can live, work & study
  • It is an English speaking country and all courses are taught in English